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Dog Breeds I-Z

The Gaddi Kutta a.k.a. Tibetan Mastiff

Did you have a favorite from the Dog Breed A-H list?

If you did leave a comment and tell me what it was..

I quite like the Gaddi Kutta, its a mastiff type mountain dog found in northern India.

It has a big muscular build suitable to the mountainous terrain and a thick long coat to cope with the cold.

I mostly like the Gaddi Kutta for its name, it’s sound cool and exotic.

Have a look at the Dog Breed I-Z list below and tell me what your favorite is here too:

Ibizan Pont-Audemer Spaniel
Ibizan Hound Poochin
Ibizian Hound Poodle
Icelandic Sheepdog Poogle
Imo-Inu Poos
Inca Hairless Dog Poo-Shi
Indian Banjara Mastiff Poovanese
Indian Bull Terrier Porcelaine
Indian Sindh Mastiff Portuguese Hound
Indian Spitz Portuguese Podengo
Irish Glen Imaal Terrier Portuguese Pointer
Irish Red and White Setter Portuguese Rabbit Dog
Irish Setter Portuguese Watchdog
Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Portuguese Water Dog
Irish Terrier Posavina Hound
Irish Water Spaniel Potsdam Greyhound
Irish Wolfhound Powderpap
Istrian Coarse-Haired Hound Prazsky Krysavik
Istrian Short-Haired Hound Presa Canarios
Italian Bulldogge Pudelpointer
Italian Greyhound Puffin hound
Italian Hound Pug
Italian Spinoni Pug-A-Mo
Ja-Chon Pugapoo
Jack Chi Puggat
Jack Russell Terrier Puggle
Jack-A-Bee Puginese
Jack-A-Poo Pugland
Jack-Rat Terrier Pugshire
Jämthund Pug-Zu
Japanese Chin Puli
Japanese Spaniel Pulik
Japanese Spitz Pumi
Japanese Terrier Pushon
Japeke Pyrenean Mastiff
Japillon Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Jatese Pyrenean Shepherd
Jindo Qimmiq
Jonangi Queensland Heeler
Jug Rafeiro do Alentejo
Jura Hound Raibs Suns
Kai Rajapalayam
Kai Dog Rajapalyam
Kai Kan Rampur Greyhound
Kaikadi Rampur Hound
Kangal Dog Rastreador Brasileiro
Kangaroo Dog Rat Terrier
Kanni Rat-Cha
Karabash Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz
Karakachan Ratshi Terrier
Karelian Bear Dog Rattle Griffon
Karelian Bear Laika Red heeler
Karelo-Finnish Laika Red Setter
Karst Shepherd Redbone Coonhound
Kashon Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kasmir Terrier Roman Rottweiler
Keagle Rottle
Keeshond Rottweiler
Kelb Tal-Fenek Rough Collie
Kelpie Rumanian Sheepdog
Kemmer Feist Russell Terrier
Kemmer Stock Hybrid Squirrel Dogs Russian Bear Schnauzer
Kerry Beagle Russian Harlequin Hound
Kerry Blue Terrier Russian Hound
Kimola Russian Spaniel
Kinaur Sheepdog Russian Toy Terrier
King Charles Spaniel Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka
King Shepherd Russian Wolfhound
Kishu Russo-European Laika
Komondor Saarlooswolfhond
Kooikerhondje Sabueso Español
Koolie Sabuesos Espanoles
Korea Jindo Dog Sage Ashayeri
Korean Mastiff Sage Koochee
Krasky Ovcar Sage Mazandarani
Kromfohrländer Saint Berdoodle
Kugsha Dog Saint Bernard
Kunming Dog Saint Berner
Kuvasz Saint-Germain Pointer
Kyi-Leo Saluki
Labbe Samoyed
Labernese Sanshu Dog
Labmaraner Santhal
Labradane Sapsali
Labradinger Sapsari
Labradoodle Sarplaninac
Labrador Husky Schapendoes
Labrador Retriever Schapso
Labralas Schiller Hound
Lacasapoo Schipperke
La-Chon Schipper-Poo
Laekenois Schnauzers
Lagotto Romagnolo Schnocker
Lakeland Terrier Schnoodle
Lancashire Heeler Schweizer Laufhund
Landseer Schweizer Niederlaufhund
Lapinporokoira Scoodle
Lapphunds Scotch Collie
Lapponian Herder Scottie Dog
Large Münsterländer Scottish Deerhound
Large Munsterlander Scottish Terrier
Larson Lakeview Bulldogge Scotty Dog
Latvian Hound Sealydale Terrier
Leonberger Sealyham Terrier
Leopard Cur Segugios Italianos
Levesque Seidenspitz
Lha-Cocker Seiskari Seal Dog
Lhaffon Shar Pei
Lhaffon- Shar-Pei
Lhasa Apso Sheltidoodle
Lhasalier Sheltie
Lhasanese Shepadoodle
Lhasapoo Sheprador
Lhatese Shetland Sheepdog
Lithuanian Hound Shiba Dog
Little Lion Dog Shiba Inu
Llewellin Setter ShiChi
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Shichon
Lowchen Shiffon
Löwchen Shih Apso
Lucas Terrier Shih Tzu
Lundehund Shih-Mo
Lurcher Shih-Poo
Mackenzie River Husky Shih-Tzu
Magyar Agar Shika Inus
Maharashtrian Dhangari Kutra Shikoku
Mahratta Greyhound Shiloh Shepherd
Majestic Tree Hound Shinese
Majorca Shepherd Dog Shiranian
Majorero Shocker
Malamute Shockerd
Malchi Shorgi
Malinois Shorkie Tzu
Mal-Shi Siberian Husky
Maltese Siberian Laikas
Maltichon Sikimese Terrier
Malti-Poo Silken Windhound
Malton Silkese
Manchester Terrier Silkland Terrier
Maremma Sheepdog Silky Cocker
Markiesje Silky Jack
Mastiff Silky Terrier
Mauzer Silky Tzu
McNab Silkzer
Meagle Simaku
Mexican Hairless Skye Terrier
Mexican Hairless Dog Sloughi
Middle Asian Ovtcharka Slovakian Hound
Mi-Ki Slovensky Cuvac
Mini Australian Shepterrier Slovensky Hrubosrsty Stavac
Mini Foxie Smalandsstovare
Miniature American Eskimo Small Greek Domestic Dog
Miniature Aussiedoodle Small Münsterländer
Miniature Australian Shepherd Small Munsterlander
Miniature Bull Terrier Small Swiss Hound
Miniature Bulldog Smooth Collie
Miniature Fox Terrier Smooth Fox Terrier
Miniature Goldendoodle Sniffon
Miniature Labradoodle Snorkie
Miniature Littlefield Sheepdog Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Miniature Pinscher Sonkutta
Miniature Poodle South Russian Ovtcharka
Miniature Schnauzer Spanador
Miniature Schnoxie Spaniel de Pont-Audemer
Miniboz Spanish Bulldog
Minnie Jack Spanish Hound
Mioritic Sheepdog Spanish Mastiff
Moscow Toy Terrier Spanish Pointer
Moscow Vodolaz Spanish Water Dog
Moscow Watchdog Spinone Italiano
Mountain Cur Springer Spaniel
Mountain Feist Srpski Gonic
Mountain View Cur Srpski Planinski Gonic
Mucuchies Srpski Trobojni Gonic
Mudhol Hound St. Weiler
Mudi St.Germain Pointing Dog
Münsterländer St.John’s Water Dog
Muggin Stabyhoun
Naga Chow Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Native American Indian Dog Staffordshire Terrier
Neapolitan Mastiff Staghound
Nebolish Mastiff Standard American Eskimo
Nenets Herding Laika Standard Poodle
New Guinea Singing Dog Standard Schnauzer
New Zealand Huntaway Stephens Stock Mountain Cur
Newfoundland Stichelhaar
Norbottenspets Strellufstover
Norfolk Terrier Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
North America Styrian Roughhaired Mountain Hound
Northeasterly Hauling Laika Sussex Spaniel
Northern Inuit Dog Swedish Elkhound
Norwegian Buhund Swedish Lapphund
Norwegian Elkhound Swedish Vallhund
Norwegian Hound Swiss Hound
Norwegian Lundehund Swiss Laufhunds
Norwich Terrier Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher
Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Sydney Silky Terrier
Old Danish Pointer Taco Terrier
Old Danish Pointing Dog Tahltan Bear Dog
Old English Mastiff Taigan
Old English Sheepdog Tasy
Olde Boston Bulldogge Teddy Roosevelt Terrier
Olde Bulldog Telomian
Olde English Bulldogge Tenterfield Terrier
Olde Victorian Bulldogge Tepeizeuintli
Old-Time Farm Shepherd Tervueren
Ori Pei Texas Heeler
Original English Bulldogge Thai Bangkaew Dog
Otterhound Thai Ridgeback
Owczarek Podhalanski The Carolina Dog
Panja Tibetan KyiApso
Papastzu Tibetan Mastiff
Paperanian Tibetan Spaniel
Papi Tzu Tibetan Terrier
Papichon Titán Bull-Doggé
Papillon Titan Terrier
Papi-poo Torkie
Papitese Tosa
Pariah Dog Tosa Inu
Parnell’s Carolina Cur Toy American Eskimo
Parson Russell Terrier Toy Australian Shepherd
Pashmi Toy Fox Terrier
Pastor Vasco Toy German Spitz
Patterdale Terrier Toy Manchester Terrier
Patterland Toy Poodle
Patterland Terrier Transylvanian Hound
Peagle Treeing Tennessee Brindle
Peek-A-Pom Treeing Walker Coonhound
Peke-A-Chon Tripuri
Peke-A-Pin Tuareg Sloughi
Peke-A-Tese Twatha Utonagan
Pekehund Tyroler Bracke
Pekepoo Valley Bulldog
Pekingese Vanjari Hound
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Victorian Bulldog
Pencil-tail Feist Vikhan Sheepdog
Perdiguero de Burgos Viking-age dog
Perdiguero Navarro Villano de Las Encartaciones
Perro Cimarron Vizsla
Perro de Pastor Mallorquin Volpino Italiano
Perro de Presa Canario Vucciriscu
Perro de Presa Mallorquin Waghari Hound
Perro dogo Mallorquin Water Spaniel
Perro Ratonero Andaluz Wauzer
Peruvian Inca Orchid Wee-Chon
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Weeranian
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Weimaraner
Petit Bleu de Gascogne Weimardoodle
Petit Blue De Gascongne Welsh Corgi
Petit Brabancon Welsh Sheepdog
Petit Gascon Saintongeois Welsh Springer Spaniel
Petit Griffon de Gascogne Welsh Terrier
Petite Goldendoodle Weshi
Phalène West Highland White Terrier
Pharaoh Hound West Russian Coursing Hound
Phung San West Siberian Laika
Picardy Spaniel Westiepoo
Pineranian Westphalian Dachsbracke
Pinny-Poo Wetterhoun
Pit Bull Terrier Wheaten Terrier
Plica Whippet
Plott Hound White German Shepherd
Podenco Andaluz Whoodles
Podenco Canario Wirehaired Fox Terrier
Podenco Ibicenco Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Pointer Wirehaired Viszla
Pointing Lab Wirehaired Vizsla
Poitevin Wolamute
Polish Hound Wolf Hybrid
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Xoloitzcuintle
Polish Tatra Sheepdog Xoloitzcuintli
Polski Owczarek Nizinny Yoranian
Pom Terrier Yorkie
Pomanees Yorkie Russell
Pomapoo Yorkie-Apso
Pom-A-Pug Yorkinese
Pomchi Yorkipoo
Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier
Pomerat Yorktese
Pomimo Yugoslavian Hounds
Pom-Shi Zuchon

Dog Breeds A-H

How many dog breeds do you think there are?

I spend a lot of my time researching dogs, dog owners and dog health so I often find myself on forums of dog owners. Every time I think I’ve heard of every type of dog I read a post from an owner of some breed I’ve never heard of before.

So I decided I’d do some research and find out just how many breeds there actually are..

.. how many do you think I found?




I came up with a list of 1096 breeds, most of which I have never heard of before… but apparently they do exist.

Have a look through the list for yourself and be dazzled by some of the strange and exotic names, in the next post I’ll list breeds from I-Z:

Abruzzenhund Cavapoo
Afador Cava-Tzu
Afaird Central Asian Ovtcharka
Affen Spaniel Central Asian Shepherd Dog
Affen Terrier Cesky Fousek
Affen Tzu Cesky Terrier
Affengriffon Chacy Ranior
Affenhuahua Chart Polski
Affenpinscher Cheeks
Affenpoo Cherokee Monarch
Afghan Collie Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Afghan Hound Chi-Chon
Afghan Retriever Chien D’ Artois
Afghan Sheepdog Chien d’Artois
Afghan Spaniel Chien De L’ Atlas
Afollie Chiens Francaises
African Wild Dog Chihuahua
Africanis Chin
Aidi Chinese Chongqing Dog
Ainu Dog Chinese Crested
Airedale Terrier Chinese Crested Dog
Akbash Dog Chinese Crestepoo
Akita Chinese Crestepoo-
Akita Inu Chinese Crestese
Akita Shepherd Chinese Foo Dog
Alangu Mastiff Chinese Frise
Alano Español Chinese Imperial Dog
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Chinese Shar-pei
Alaskan Husky Chinook
Alaskan Klee Kai Chin-wa
Alaskan Malamute Chion
Alopekis Chipin
Alpine Dachsbracke Chi-Poo
American Bandogge Mastiff Chippiparai
American Blue Gascon Hound Chiweenie
American Bulldog Chonzer
American Bullnese Chorkie
American Cocker Spaniel Chortaj
American Crested Sand Terrier Chow Chow
American Dingo Chug
American Eagle Dog Cirneco Dell ‘Etna
American English Coonhound Clumber Spaniel
American Eskimo Cock-A-Chon
American Eskimo Dog Cockalier
American Foxhound Cock-A-Mo
American Hairless Terrier Cockapin
American Indian Dog Cockapoo
American Lo-Sze Pugg Cocker Spaniel
American Mastiff Cocker Westie
American Pit Bull Terrier Cockeranian
American Rat Pinscher CockerShnauz
American Staffordshire Terrier Cocker-Tese
American Staghound Cockinese
American Toy Terrier Collie
American Tundra Shepherd Dog Colonial Cocker Spaniel
American Water Spaniel Combai
American White Shepherd Comfort Retriever
Amertoy Continental Toy Spaniel
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Copica
Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie Copica-
Anglos-Francai Grand Corded Poodle
Anglos-Francais de Moyenne Venerie Corgi
Anglos-Francaises Corgidor
Anglos-Francaises de Petite Venerie Corkie
Appenzell Mountain Dog Coton de Tulear
Appenzeller Sennenhund Cotralian
Argentine Dogo Coydog
Ariège Pointer Crested Malt
Ariege Pointing Dog Crested Tzu
Ariegeois Cretan Hound
Ariègeois Croatian Sheepdog
Armant Curly-Coated Retriever
Arubian Cunucu Dog Cypro Kukur
Aryan Molossus Czech Wolfdog
Atlas Terrier Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Aussie Bulldog Czesky Terrier
Aussiedoodle Dachshund
Aussiedor Daisy Dog
Australian Bandog Dakotah Shepherd
Australian Bulldog Dalmatian
Australian Cattle Dog Dameranian
Australian Kelpie Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Australian Koolie Danish Broholmer
Australian Shepherd Danish-Swedish Farmdog
Australian Silky Terrier Daug
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Deutsche Bracke
Australian Terrier Deutscher Wachtelhund
Austrian Black and Tan Hound Dingo
Austrian Brandlbracke Doberman
Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher Doberman Pinscher
Auvergne Pointing Dog Dobermann
Azawakh Dogo Argentino
Azores Cattle Dog Dogue Brasileiro
Bagle Hound Dogue de Bordeaux
Bakharwal Dog Doodleman Pinscher
Banjara Greyhound Dorgi
Banter Bulldogge Dorkie
Barbet Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge
Basenji Doxie-Chon
Ba-Shar Doxiepoo
Basque Shepherder Doxle
Basschshund Drentse Patrijshond
Basselier Drever
Basset Artesien Normand Dunker
Basset Artésien Normand Dutch Partridge Dog
Basset Bleu de Gascogne Dutch Shepherd Dog
Basset Fauve de Bretagne Dutch Smoushond
Basset Hound East Russian Coursing Hounds
Bassetoodle East Siberian Laika
Basston East-European Shepherd
Bassugg Elkhound
Bavarian Mountain Hound EngAm Bulldog
Beagle EngAm Bulldog / Olde Bulldog
Beagle Harrier English Boodle
Beagleman English Boston-Bulldog
Beaglier English Bulldog
Beago English Bullen Bordeaux Terrier
Be-Apso English Cocker Spaniel
Bearded Collie English Coonhound
Bea-Tzu English Foxhound
Beauceron English Mastiff
Bedlington Terrier English Pointer
Bedouin Shepherd Dog English Setter
Belgian Griffon English Shepherd
Belgian Griffons English Springer Spaniel
Belgian Malinois English Toy Spaniel
Belgian Mastiff English Toy Terrier
Belgian Sheepdog Entelbuch Mountain Dog
Belgian Shepherd Dogs Entlebucher Sennenhund
Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Epagneul Francais
Belgian Shepherd Laekenois Epagneuls Picardies
Belgian Shepherd Malinois Eskapoo
Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Eskifon
Belgian Shorthaired Pointer Eskimo Dog
Belgian Tervuren Eskland
Belgrade Terrier Estonian Hound
Bench-legged Feist Estrela Mountain Dog
Bergamasco Eurasier
Berger des Picard Euskal Artzain Txakurra
Berger des Pyrénées Farm Collie
Berger Du Languedoc Fauves De Bretagne
Bernese Mountain Dog Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
Bichomo Feist
Bichon Field Spaniel
Bichon Frise Fila
Bichon Frisé Fila Brasileiro
Bichon Havanais Finnish Hound
Bichon Yorkie Finnish Lapphund
Bichon/Yorkie Finnish Spitz
Bichon-A-Ranian Flat-Coated Retriever
Bich-poo Foodle
Biewer Fo-Tzu
Billy Fourche Terrier
Billy dog Fox Paulistinha
Bisben Fox Terrier
Black and Tan Coonhound Foxhoodle
Black Forest Hound Foxhound
Black Mouth Cur Foxton
Black Russian Terrier Foxy Rat Terrier
Bleus de Gascogne Français Blanc et Noir
Bloodhound Français Blanc et Orange
Blue heeler Français Tricolore
Blue Lacy French Brittany Spaniel
Blue Picardy Spaniel French Bulldog
Bluetick Coonhound French Gascony Pointer
Bobtail Sheepdog French Mastiff
Bocker French Pointing Dog
Boerboel French Pyrenean Pointer
Bogle French Spaniel
Boglen Terrier French Tricolour Hound
Bohemian Shepherd French White and Black Hound
Bohemian Terrier French White and Orange Hound
Bolognese Frenchie Pug
Borador Frengle
Bordel Gaddi Kutta
Border Collie Galgo Español
Border Terrier Gammel Dansk Hoensehund
Bordernese Gascons-Saintongeois
Borzoi German Hound
Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonic Barak German Hunt Terrier
BoShih German Longhaired Pointer
BoShih- German Pinscher
Bospin German Rough-haired Pointing Dog
Bostillon German Sheeppoodle
Bostinese German Shepherd
Boston Terrier German Shepherd Dog
Bourbonnais Pointer German Shorthaired Pointer
Bouvier de Ardennes German Spaniel
Bouvier des Ardennes German Spitz
Bouvier des Flanders German Wirehaired Pointer
Bouvier des Flandres German Wolfspitz
Boxador Giant Schnauzer
Boxer Glechon
Boxerdoodle Glen of Imaal Terrier
Boxweiler Golden Boxer
Boykin Spaniel Golden Irish
Bracco Italiano Golden Labrador
Braque Du Bourbonnais Golden Mountain Dog
Braque Dupuy Golden Pyrenees
Braque St. Germain Golden Retriever
Brat Golden Sheltie
Brazilian Mastiff Goldendoodle
Brazilian Molosser Goldmaraner
Brazilian Terrier Goldmation
Briard Gollie
Briquet Gonczy Polski
Briquet dog Gordon Setter
Briquet Griffon Vendeen Gran Mastin de Borinquen
Briquet Griffon Vendéen Grand anglo-francais
Brissel Chiffon Grand Anglo-Français
Brittany Spaniel Grand anglo-français blanc et noir
Broholmer Grand anglo-français blanc et orange
Broodle Griffon Grand anglo-français tricolore
Brug Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
Brussels Griffon Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen
Buggs Grand Bleu de Gascogne
Bukovina Sheepdog Grand gascon saintongeois
Buldogue Campeiro Grand Gascon-Saintongeois
Bull Boxer Grand Griffon Vendeen
Bull Terrier Grand Griffon Vendéen
Bullboxer Great Dane
Bulldog Great Pyrenees
Bullmastiff Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Bullmatian Greek Hound
Bully Kutta Greek Sheepdog
Burmese Mountain Dog Greenland Dog
Cadoodle Greyhound
Cairland Terrier Griffon bleu de Gascogne
Cairmal Griffon Fauve de Bretagne
Cairn Terrier Griffon Nivernais
Cairnoodle Groenendael
Cajun Squirrel Dog Grosser Münsterländer Vorstehhund
California-Carolina Dog Guatemalan Bull Terrier
Canaan Dog Gujjar
Canadian Eskimo Dog Gull Dong
Canadian Inuit Dog Hairless Chihuahua
Canarian Warren Hound Hairless Khala
Canary Dog Hairless Terrier
Cane Corso Halden Hound
Cane Corso Italiano Hamilton Hound
Canis Panther Hamiltonstövare
Canoe Dog Hanoverian Hound
Cantel Hanoverian Scenthound
Cão da Serra da Estrela Harlequin Pinscher
Cão da Serra de Aires Harrier
Cão de Castro Laboreiro Havachon
Cao de Fila Havamalt
Cão de Fila de São Miguel Havanese
Caravan Hound Havashu
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Hawaiian Poi Dog
Care-Tzu Hellenikos Ichnilatis
Carlin Pinscher Hellenikos Poimenikos
Carolina Dog Hertha Pointer
Carpathian Sheepdog Highland Maltie
Catahoula Bulldog Highland Maltie / Maltese mix”>kg
Catahoula Leopard Dog Himalayan Mastiff
Catalan Sheepdog Himalayan Sheepdog
Cattle dog Hokkaido
Caucasian Mountain Dog Hokkaido Dog
Caucasian Ovtcharka Hovawart
Cava-Chin Hungarian Greyhound
Cavachon Hungarian Kuvasz
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Hungarian Puli
Cava-lon Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog
Cav-A-Mo Hush Basset
Cavanese Husky
Cavapom Hygenhund

What Your Dog’s Poop Is Telling You

How can something so un-cute come out of a puppy?

Last time we discussed what your dog’s poop should look and smell like (try this conversation out at your next cocktail party… NOT).

There some poop characteristics you should not see and today I’ll explain what each of them may be telling you about your dog’s diet.

Mucus on the Stool

If you find your dog’s poop is covered in mucus there could be a few different causes:

  1. You are feeding him something that does not agree with his stomach. If your dog’s digestive system is incapable or having difficulty digesting some foods it will use mucus to assist. You’ll find this particularly with dairy products that contain milk sugar (lactose). Cheese is a common cause of mucus in the poop of dogs
  2. Bacterial overflow: if your dog has too much bacteria in its digestive tract, the stool could be covered in mucus. This condition is more likely on a low quality diet. Switch to a healtheir diet, like I teach in Dog Food SECRETS
  3. If it is chronic and avoiding cheese and changing to a better diet makes no difference there could be an underlying condition which your vet should take a look at.

Stool Too Firm

When your dog’s poop is too firm it can cause constipation, irritation of the sphincter and possible bleeding. The longer it takes for stool to pass through your dog’s digestive system then the less water it will contain. The less water it contains then the firmer it will be. Again, there can be a number of reasons for stool being too firm:

  1. If you dog is eating too much dry complex carbohydrate, it could be absorbing too much of the water from its body during digestion and leaving your dog dehydrated and its poop hard. If you give your dog brown rice for example, try over cooking it so it is mushy (contains a lot of water).
  2. Is your dog drinking enough water? Some owners keep their dog’s inside and probably don’t walk them enough. Your dog will adjust by drinking less water because it knows it may not get another opportunity to relieve herself for quite  while. If your dog has plenty of opportunity but still doesn’t drink, try creating a salt-less chicken stock and mixing it with water to add some flavor to your dog’s drinking bowl.
  3. Similarly, if your dog doesn’t get the opportunity to poop because you aren’t walking enough then the same problem manifests because the stool stays in the bowel too long.

Stool Too Soft

If your dog’s stool is gravy in consistency (I’m telling you, next time the Queen visits, open with this topic) then it could indicate a few things:

  1. There could be a viral or bacteria infection and that’s why if it persists for more than a few days you should visit your vet
  2. A sudden change in diet… believe it not changing from a poor diet to a super healthy diet can cause diarrhea and that’s why the Dog Food SECRETS Gold Pack includes a Canine Diet Changeover Guide which shows you how to do it without any of these problems.
  3. An intolerance to foods like cheese or wheat can have the same effect. Many commercial foods are filled with grains and then dyed brown to look like they are made from meat (true). Wheat, corn, soy and rice are all much cheaper than meat and are added liberally to your dog’s food. Wheat especially can cause irritation and diarrhea.


If your dog’s stool contains blood, then it could be the result of an irritation in the bowel or higher up in the digestive tract mixing with the stool OR an irritation of the sphincter which is coating the outside of the stool as it exits your dog.

In either case this could be a serious condition and you should visit your vet for further investigation.

It Stinks!

The lower the quality of food you feed your dog the worse the odor you’ll get from her poop, her body and her breath. Unlike cats, dogs are not carnivores and should be eating a mix of high quality protein, fibrous carbohydrates and starchy carbohydrates.

In fact, your adult dog’s diet should be made up of these ratios

  • 40% high quality protein (many dog food manufacturers use vegetable protein, which is no good… don’t be fooled)
  • 25% fibrous carbohydrates (fruits and vegetable, mostly vegetables)
  • 25% starchy carbohydrates (brown rice, oats, quinoa)
  • 10% fats which they’ll usually get from the meat

Commercial dog food is required by law to only have a guaranteed minimum of 9% protein… only 9%! And there is no rules about where it comes from, so you may be feeding your dog food which is only 9% VEGETABLE protein.

Switch to a healthy diet and you’ll notice the stench disappear

Too Much Poop?

When you feed your dog nutrient rich food, you’ll notice his poop is much smaller than when on a commercial diet because once his body has assimilated all the available nutrition, there will be very little waste.

However, a dog eating commercial food will have much more waste because manufacturers pack their food with ‘fillers’ which are cheap substances with little or no nutrient value but provide volume so your dog has the full feeling and appears satisfied.

One of the biggest changes I noticed when I first began feeding one of my dogs with home prepared food is he was not hungry all the time. I fed him approximately the same volume in the evening but he would not really be hungry again until late afternoon the next day. In fact, if I gave him food earlier he would bury it… whereas on the commercial diet he would be starving by late morning and I would have to feed him.

Ok, I hope you found this poopy talk stimulating as I did!

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How Healthy is Your Dog’s Poop?

If only this were true

Your dog should poop everyday, if not then you either have a problem with your dog’s digestion/digestive tract or with its diet.

My dog poops everyday and these are the main features, which you should also see in your own dog’s poop:

  • Well formed without being too firm (or dry)
  • No mucus
  • No blood
  • Very little odor
  • Not too much of it

If you feed your dog according to the advice I provide then cleaning up after your dog should not be as unpleasant as it used to be because its poop will be… well… less poopy!

The biggest change you will probably notice is the poop is less aromatic. In fact, my dog’s poop almost has no odor at all… I cannot detect a scent unless I hold it close to my close with the implicit intent of copping a whiff! Then its not so pleasant, but my point is a the poop of a dog on the type of diet I teach has much, much less pungency.


..your dog has much less gas.

My little guy very rarely if ever makes a smelly and when he does it has little detectable odor.

Other important features of your dog’s defecation to be aware of  are:

  • Does your dog strain to defecate?
  • Is there urgency… does your dog become anxious to go outside because it desperately needs to poop?

In the next blog post I’ll show what each of these unpleasant types of poop may mean about your dog’s diet and also what your dog’s poop action may be telling you.