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Read the comments left by other dog owners like you, that ordered a NO-RISK copy of Dog Food SECRETS and are now watching their dogs increase in health, energy and happiness AND improve and recover from:

  • skin irritations,
  • hair loss,
  • fleas,
  • ear aches,
  • joint problems,
  • weight problems (too fat & too thin),
  • low energy
  • and more.

NO-RISK because if you're not satisfied, I'll return every cent of your money and you still get to keep everything, FREE!

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Dr. David and Dulcinea


"Thank you so very much for doing what no vet would take the time to investigate and recommend to me...other than to "put her down"..

I have switched her over to home cooked meals, as outlined [in Dog Food SECRETS], and she no longer has loose, foul smelling stools, and her skin is almost totally back to normal in less than one month!"

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Dulcinea before
Dulcinea after one
month following our recommendations


Mercedes, Allie and Panda


"Not only has Allie lost a lot of weight and is happier, Panda loves the food and licks the bowl when finished!!

"Their feces are not as smelly, smaller and dry. And their coats are really shinny and moist!!

"It's been only a couple of months and the difference is huge!"

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Panda, Mercedes & Allie
Panda and Allie


Betty and Brandy (recent mother of 11!)


"Everytime we bring them to the vet's she is amazed at what good shape they are in and how clean they are...

"I tell her it's their diet. I only wish I had your books a few years ago for my german shephard dog. I know it would have helped her too."

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Betty and Brandy


Erin and Ajax


"Many times he wouldn't even eat right when I put it down; he'd wait until later.

"But now that I bought some of the dog food you recommended in the Confidential Dog Food Report and made some homemade stew from one of the recipes, he just loves it!"

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Erin and Ajax


Mary and her 2 Mini-Aussies, Hope and Faith


"The girls like homemade much better than store bought.

Plus it saves TONS of money and I know what they are eating."

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Faith and Hope

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